Thursday, June 14, 2012


Playing with the iphone guilty as charged.  Instagram is fun to play around with.  I like making the photos look old.  I love old photos, then again I love antiques, vintage, history and old values.  Don't get me wrong, living in todays world is great.  Technology makes life easier.  And what did we do before cell phones?  Here is some fun with Instagram.

Family Room Mantel

 Welome, Foyer

Friday, June 8, 2012

Front doors

How important is the front door?  It's the first thing you see upon entering the home.  It's the welcome and greeting of the home.  First impressions are lasting.  Here's my front door and yes this is the new house, recognize anything?  Yellow house with a blue door.  I guess we were meant to live in a yellow house.  What does your front door say?  Mine says, welcome with a smile!

Here are a few more I found via google

Yellow door

Purple door, I would have never thought to use this color but I like it

Love the vines on the brick

Monday, April 23, 2012

Girl's room

We were in the process of changing my daughter's room when we decided to sell.  Which means our daughter only enjoyed a fraction of the change for a small amount of time.  Well on the positive side,  at least we didn't spend a fortune only to leave it behind.  She had a Hannah Montana room and out grew it probably a year before.  She liked the color of her walls (no painting yeah) so we found the comforter.  We had already bought the yellow comforter and removed all the HM decorations(except those dots) and that was where the project was when we started selling mode.  Which left me with the removal of the dots, painful, but easy.  The curtains and art were reclaimed from the playroom.  And that was it, easy and no cost.

We did have her remove some of the clutter.

She had more space without the doll house.

All the dots, she had two HM framed pics where
 you see the two small non matching pics

This is the only pic I can find of before.
She was already getting the HM stuff out.  
There was a guitar clock in place of the papers on the wall.
Funny, she now hates pink.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Guest bedroom transformation

The multifunctional guest bedroom.  This room was a playroom for my kids.  It was colorful and fun.  That's what playrooms are for, right?  The previous owner has used it as a homeschooling room.  Every wall was a different color.  Yellow, blue, green, purple with buttercream carpet.  It was a pastel haven.  It worked, but not when you put your house on the market.  So the transformation began.  All the toys we organized to the closet, the barbie house moved to the girl's room and some things were donated.  The room turned out great.

I painted the room a grey/purple.  The black and grey duvet and white trim really popped.  The best part was I had nearly a full gallon of the lavender paint from the previous owner.  And the paint was still good! Bonus, free paint just took it to HD and had it tinted darker.  Gotta love Behr paint to last 6 yrs.

Antique bed from basement, Free!
 Duvet from TJ Max on clearance
 90% of accessories I reshopped from other rooms. 
I did buy the tin frame, flowers and vase.

 Stamping and craft supplies

Look at the closet, can you get any more stuff in there?

Having fun!

I found this picture from my daughter's B-day party last year. 
So you can get the idea of before.  Side note, look at her face she's disgusted at the mess.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Larkwood master bedroom

The tour of my last house continues with the master suite.  These transformations were never quite done, but what is? We put in a new tile floor and painted the cabinets a week before we put it on the market.  These are the things you do to help sell and then say why didn't we do that sooner so we could enjoy it.  So I picked out tile very similar in our new house.

The master bedroom suite
This bedroom was huge, we never did fill it.

The deck

 The master bath

These cabinets look so much better, they were builders med/dark oak.
And the tile, it was an ivory linoleum, need I say more.