Friday, April 20, 2012

Guest bedroom transformation

The multifunctional guest bedroom.  This room was a playroom for my kids.  It was colorful and fun.  That's what playrooms are for, right?  The previous owner has used it as a homeschooling room.  Every wall was a different color.  Yellow, blue, green, purple with buttercream carpet.  It was a pastel haven.  It worked, but not when you put your house on the market.  So the transformation began.  All the toys we organized to the closet, the barbie house moved to the girl's room and some things were donated.  The room turned out great.

I painted the room a grey/purple.  The black and grey duvet and white trim really popped.  The best part was I had nearly a full gallon of the lavender paint from the previous owner.  And the paint was still good! Bonus, free paint just took it to HD and had it tinted darker.  Gotta love Behr paint to last 6 yrs.

Antique bed from basement, Free!
 Duvet from TJ Max on clearance
 90% of accessories I reshopped from other rooms. 
I did buy the tin frame, flowers and vase.

 Stamping and craft supplies

Look at the closet, can you get any more stuff in there?

Having fun!

I found this picture from my daughter's B-day party last year. 
So you can get the idea of before.  Side note, look at her face she's disgusted at the mess.


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